We have a 2 year old Zimbra 6.7 mailbox store from backup tapes that we are trying to recover mail from. The original Zimbra server was a Mac OSX 10.5, which is no longer in production or available. We are however able to get a clean Mac XServe w/ OSX 10.5 installed, but I read that you need to know the exact settings that the old server used in order to do a disaster recovery of a mailbox database, to include: IP, hostname, domain, and all the Zimbra related username/passwords (Postfix, Amavis, admin, etc).

I guess I have a couple of questions. Do I absolutely need to use the exact same server settings in order to mount the Zimbra mailbox database and access mailboxes from a backup? And also, does anyone know of an easier way to get access to these e-mails and maybe export them?