So here is my scenario, I want to setup Zimbra Network Edition so that it will host multiple domains. This isn't a problem, I can do this. But what I want is for the hostname of the server to be different from any of the domains that I will be setting up. I will not be using bind, as I have access to setup all the domains MX, etc records externally and then perform the necessary forwarding at my SonicWall to the email server for all the domains. Do I have to have the hostname resolve MX records properly as well, or just the domains that I want to setup.
The reason I am asking is because I will ultimately have 2 email servers setup, the first one is already going and has been for the last year (no problems there), lets call it, and now I have been mandated to setup a second email server for "sister" companies and I would like the host to be Two completely different email servers, the first email server will host and the second will host,, etc.
Does this make sense and can I do what I want to do? Or does the second email server have to have a different hostname all together. So instead of having the first email server being and the second being, does the second have to be something like

Please note that I have the domains already that I want to setup so that is not an issue.

Any help would be great.