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Thread: server numbers and partition size planning?

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    Default server numbers and partition size planning?

    Dear all,

    i know this may not have a right answer but if we're planning a site which has about 20000 users. will you recommend just run whole users in one single server or at least 2-server?

    the second question is about partition size, according to the mail quota planning, it needs almost 2TB available size. in terms of performance, will you recommend to use multiple message-store such as 1TB first, and then 1TB next....etc. or just create one 2-TB partition?

    (we will run the community edition : ZCS 6.0.x)


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    First and foremost, read the docs man. Saves you a lot of trouble dude....
    Documentation for the open source Zimbra Collaboration Suite; email, contacts, and group calendaring

    More specifically

    Finally, ZCS is at version 7.1.3 why would you start life with version 6. Just my $0.02

    Go forth and Zimbra the world man

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