Hi people, i think is'nt the right section but i can't see a general information section.

I want to ask you if Zimbra is the right solution for our business problem

We have a lot of mailbox of a lot of domain.
Our website provider , give us a pop3 connection and webmail. The mail are managed by our provider.

We download client by client (outlook) all the mailbox that we must read. We also have an exchange forum to sore all the mail of domain user.

So we want an alternative solution.

What we need?

A system that download all the mail message in one server
All the user connect to this server and read only the mail that are allowed to the single user.


mail abc@sito.net is my personal mail and i must read this and send message form this account

mail info@sito.net is a mailbox that must be read by 5 people. Everyone of this must read and send message from this mailbox.

Can you help me understanding inf Zimbra do this?

Thank you very much