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Thread: DNS in a nutshell part two (For dummies)

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    Question DNS in a nutshell part two (For dummies)

    DNS clarification needed.

    Hello zimbra team and community, I have struggled a few days with the installation of 4.0.3, but without the necessary luck/skills to complete it.

    It seems that my problems are strictly DNS related, and I have kindly been suggested to read the existing DNS related threads in the forum carefully. Among these I have read DNS in a nutshell.

    Well I did read them, but none of the threads have lead to a full understanding of the DNS and Zimbra relation, nor have I found a thread which DNS issue description matches mine.

    So... I will now describe my setup and my problems. And then I will write DNS in a nutshell part 2, because I believe that a situation like mine requires a better understanding of the need for a DNS (setup) during a Zimbra installation.

    My setup:

    Server A (DNS server - ip q.q.q.q)
    Server B (Webserver hosting - ip x.x.x.x)
    Server C (Zimbra server with domain name - ip y.y.y.y)


    1) Do I need to have a bind server installed on Server C in order to satisfy ZCS ? Or can I just stick with my already configured DNS on Server A ?

    2) The server A has an "A record" for called where points to server C with ip y.y.y.y - is this correct in zimbra terms ?

    3) Server C (The zimbra server) must be a DNS master for it's own domain in this case: ?

    4) So the Zimbra server DNS is master for it's own domain, and just DNS cache for all other domains ?

    5) What I am not sure of is wether the DNS server (Server A) should have as a fully qualified domain and not just an "A record" under the domain In other words; Do I need a full domain ( and will be seen as different domains) for the ZCS or can I just use a plain "A record" for the name in the file ?

    Sorry for my relative long list of questions but I really need some clarification, since I seem to misunderstand the terminolgy in the documentation.

    Whenever I understand this DNS and Zimbra topic I will for sure post a bullet proof documentation for dummies

    Thanks in advance, Best regards Daniel Mersebak
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