I am planning to deploy a ZCS machine in a remote DC on colocation.
Using the latest Community edition
2x SAS disks for OS in raid1,
8x SAS disks in raid10 for Zimbra,
32Gb RAM
8 CPU cores

- Normal system functionality
- Everyting must be encoded (currently considering the standard LUKS)
- Backup to another machine in the same DC, not using 3rd party software
- The possibility of a fast restore to another machine in case of failure. Replication to a standby machine would be even better

- Any comments on the hardware?
- How much of a performance hit would the encryption mean?
- Which of the existing backup scripts is preferable? I need the possibility to restore up to 1-2 months back, weekly full, and daily incrementals would be grand. Brick level - extra plus
- What other DR options are available? What about HA?
- How is the installation done in this case? Simply use /opt as the mountpoint for the raid10, or..?
- Which of the supported OS is the most stable and easy to maintain with a large number of mailboxes? I am kind of disappointed in CentOS, anyone aware of how SL performs?

Any additional comments or anything I might have missed also welcome