I am running appliance on VMware 5 basic. I am setting this machine up for testing purposes for a customer, and if it works well, they should purchase a license.

ISSUE: My server did not d/l a license file initially due to it being blocked by the firewall, and mail will not function.

I've fixed firewall issue and server has access to internet. This was verified when server d/l an update and installed it yesterday.

Is there a way for me to make server D/L an evaluation license? or do I have to revert back a snapshot or two and start over?

Zimbra / Vmware should put notice on system status screen about license, machine should check to see if it has internet activity, and if so, it should ask the administrator if it can attempt to D/L evaluation key.

Also, I've noticed that when you change IP address, the admin console may not work due to security certificate. This seems like a short comming of design, as zimbra software should notice IP change, and update certificate so that admin works right.