I have 7.1.3 installed and running to where email flows in and out.
My only concern is the "Server status data is not available. To see the server status, logger service must be installed." I am getting in the Zimbra Administration Console.
zmcontrol status
Host mail.***.***
	antispam                Running
	antivirus               Running
	imapproxy               Running
	ldap                    Running
	logger                  Stopped
		zmlogswatchctl is not running
	mailbox                 Running
	memcached               Running
	mta                     Running
	snmp                    Running
	spell                   Running
	stats                   Running
	zmconfigd               Running
zmlogswatchctl does not even attempt to start on a normal load.
The only reason it shows is from running /opt/zimbra/libexec/logswatch manually which resulted in
logswatch: cannot find /opt/zimbra/.swatchrc. Please create it or specify an alternate configuration file. Exiting.
any ideas on what I can try?
no statistics on messages show what so ever and I can't seem to see anywhere in the logs as to why other than the above message when trying to manually start logswatch.

I also am not seeing spam training work..but I will save that for a later post.