I'm planning to upgrade my company's zimbra installation and I need some "sanity checking" of my plan.


We have been running Zimbra NE for about four years with great success ( ), but the hardware is getting old, and it is only capable of 32bits.
Due to the need of migrating to 64bits I've been waiting with the upgrade from 6.X to 7.X aswell.

The plan:

While moving to 64bits I would also like to create a more redundant setup, so a multi-server install is probably required.

  1. Upgrade current install to latest 7.X GA release
  2. Install three new servers, one mailbox server running services store, spell (apache), logger and SNMP. Two MTA servers running services MTA, LDAP and SNMP.
  3. When the new servers are up and running, use the migration wizard from the backend to copy all accounts from the old server to the new setup.

My first real question is if this is a sane setup? My idea is to put the second MTA server on another site, connected to the primary via VPN. This is why I also want a local LDAP replica, if the primary site goes completely offline.
I'm guessing that the LDAP replica will contain all information needed for the secondary MTA to properly be able to receive or reject emails while the primary site is offline?
Will zimbra handle this scenario at all or will it brake?

My second question is if it is possible to use the migration wizard to import all relevant data from the old zimbra server? Will I get all emails as well as calendar, contacts, briefcases, notes and tasks?

Of course I could test all this in a test-env, but I more or less need to do that in my spare time, so any pointers and help that can reduce my need for testing is greatly appriciated!