ZCS 7.1.3
SLES 11 SP1 x64, 2 GB ram, 50GB disk
(virtual machine on ESXi)

During the installation the setup of the MySQL databases fails.
Error messages are logged in "/opt/zimbra/log/zmmyinit.log" and give an "errno: 13" on a file with the extension "frm" that should be created in "/opt/zimbra".

The installation process of the MySQL databases tries to write to "/opt/zimbra" but is has no rights there (the directory is owned by root).

During install, after the installation of the RPMs (when the install script asks you if you want to change the domain) do the following:
- open a second console and login as root
- run "chown zimbra:zimbra"
- return to the first console and continue your installation

Additional info:
So far I did not find any reason to change the ownership of "/opt/zimbra" back to root

In another thread here in the forum the was the info to run "chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra" I tried that one after the installation and it did not work for me.



PS: will file a bug as soon as my bugzilla account is ready for use.