Hi all, I am trying to setup a new zimbra environment (open source for the moment) with two server installation (both on ubuntu 10.04).
The first server is in internal network and is a mailbox for an internal domain. I did install on it all components except proxy with internal auth. After this, using admin console, I did change the auth to Active Directory. So far, so good: accounts are receiving messages and I can use webmail or imap with thunderbird.
On the next step I did install a second server on the public network with proxy and I am trying to use this server to proxy imap to the internal server, so now I can see both servers in the admin gui of the internal server and I can also work with emails using the external http (I believe this means that the protocol between the two servers is ok and also authentication).
My problem arise when I configure my account on thunderbird to use the external server instead of the internal: I always got authentication error.
In nginx.log I got:
2012/01/03 17:32:13 [info] 26068#0: *7 upstream sent invalid response: "2 NO mechanism not supported: PLAIN" while reading response from upstream, client:, server:, login: "daniele", upstream: ( <=> (
Following this I issued the command: zmprov ms $(zmhostname) zimbraReverseProxyImapSaslPlainEnabled TRUE
on both servers but nothing changed.
Any clue?
Thank you
Daniele Bernazzi