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Thread: Install on public ip

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    Default Install on public ip

    Hi all.

    I want to install zimbra open source edition on server with public ip (for example This server has only one interface.

    This ip address resolve from anywhere. (from internet and from LAN)

    This server is behind firewall (smtp and ssh ports are open).

    In our dns we add mx record for this server

    Is it all? or i need to do anything else?

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    You need to have both a MX record and an A record in your DNS. Also, make sure ports 80, 443, and 7071 are open in additon to SMTP for access to the Zimbra web client (http://zimbraserver by default) as well as the administration page (https://zimbraserver:7071 by default).

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    Also you need to install local DNS on your mail server.However also add SPF and dont forget to put reverse DNS for your mail server ..

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