Does anybody know how to change the port(s) that Zimbra binds to? We are trying to run Zimbra alongside an Apache install, and want Apache to be the default for port 80. I've tried editing many different config files to try to change the port, but nothing seems to work. I've tried using "zmprov ms SERVERNAME zimbraMailPort 81" which doesn't seem to do anything different after I reboot tomcat. I've even completely uninstalled Zimbra and re-installed it, changing the http port options, and it still binds to port 80! Is there a way to make it appear in a subdirectory instead of the root http directory? For example, could I make it run at ""?

Also, something that my employer wants to know is if it's possible to change the installation settings without completely re-installing. For example: the default hostname, spam/ham mailboxes, port settings, and proxies. Running /opt/zimbra/libexec/ after I've installed doesn't appear to give me options anymore, and doesn't seem to do much of anything except waste my time.