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Thread: Calendar Only Install, Would this work?

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    Default Calendar Only Install, Would this work?

    I know Zimbra is an all in one solution, which is unfortunate, but a reality at this point. I wish there was a modern open source groupware solution, that didn't take an all or nothing approach.

    Keeping this in mind could I setup Zimbra to exist as and have accounts on Zimbra, but have all the messages forward to accounts on

    Finally, could I have the calendar pop up as the default view on login? Is it possible to remove the mail view?

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    Default any ideas?

    Anyone have an comments?

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    As far as forwarding mail the underlying mail server is postfix, which is quite configurable about how it routes and forwards mail.

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    Default Just make sure calendar mail gets delivered

    You'd have to make sure that calendar mail (appointment requests, responses, etc.) gets delivered to the Zimbra server. Group calendaring is done by passing email messages between accounts, so that can't be completely diverted to another mailstore.
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