I have the ZCS 7.3.1 trial loaded on a VM running Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS 64-bit with 2 processors and 8 GB RAM. This is a beta testing environment right now, and I am trying to get users on board for a move that would eliminate the need for anyone to use Outlook for e-mail. I do have some general questions to which my users need answers. Any help you can offer would be great. Here we go.

1. I know you can drag and drop attachments from your desktop to a new e-mail message, appointment, or task, but is there a way to drag attachments from one e-mail you receive to a new e-mail without sending the original e-mail and all attachments? The only workaround I know of for this is to download the file(s) / save them to your briefcase and then attach them to a new message or just add the e-mail that came in with all the attachments as an attachment on a new message.

2. Is there a way to hide the Zimlet window (left-hand side under tags) in the client UI completely?

3. Is there a way to add notes like you can in Outlook? I thought I saw a Zimlet for this but wanted to know what people might be using to accomodate this.

4. Is there a limit to the number of tabs that can be opened inside the client GUI?

5. Can the tabs in the client GUI be rearranged? It seems they cannot.

6. Can I flag a message and create a reminder to follow up on that message?

7. If I am typing a new message, is there a shortcut I can use to create a new message without having to go back to the main UI window and pressing n?

8. In regard to links found in e-mails, is there a way to open links in a new window by default without having to right-click the link and select this option? I was thinking that might be browser-specific but was not sure.

9. There are many shortcuts in Zimbra. Is there a way to create custom shortcuts or modify the keys for existing shortcuts?

10. In regard to exporting e-mail messages...when I do an export from the preferences tab, I know it creates a zip file with the messages / appointments / contacts in it. Is there a way to open those messages in Windows and see the content, or is the purpose of export really only giving you messages in a format that can be imported to Zimbra again?

11. Can I export an entire user's mailbox administratively much like Exmerge with Exchange and read the messages with a Windows client like Thunderbird or Outlook?

12. How would I go about giving someone the ability to send as another user? I know you can use personas for this to some extent, but can I add a personal to user1 (we will call it user2) in such a way that user1 can send messages as user2 and be able to view user2's mailbox if needed but not receive all e-mails sent to user2?

13. Since I am running Zimbra on Ubuntu Server, should I set Ubuntu to install security updates automatically? Is this going to crash / randomly reboot my server like Windows updates can do?

14. How do you handle delegates / send on behalf of permissions? I would guess this can be done through mailbox sharing but did not know how to give send on behalf of permissions.

I know this is a lot, but I am new to Zimbra and want to try and make the transition easy for my users if we choose to go down that road. I appreciate any help you can give me.