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Thread: Setting A Forwarding Message

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    Default Setting A Forwarding Message

    This is my first post as a member, please help me to solve the problem. Hope my thread placed at the right forum

    I was use "Setting a forwarding address" with this step :
    Open the Preferences tab and in the Overview pane select Mail.
    In the Receiving Messages section and in When a message arrives, Forward a copy to, add the complete forwarding address.
    If you want to automatically delete the email from your account, enable Don't keep a local copy of messages. Click Save

    First i can set-up my forwarding email (using gmail) using that step. After one year i want to change my forwarding email (cause my inbox gmail are full). But when i click on preferences in the Receiving Messages section, "FORWARD A COPY TO" is missing. There only "sent notification message" and "sent auto reply message".

    Help me, how i can find that section (forwarding message)?

    Thank u so much 4 ur answer

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    Anyone please help me give some advice..

    Thank u

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