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Thread: Secondary email server?

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    Default Secondary email server?

    So my search results with this were hard to come by, is there any discussion / guide of setting up two Zimbra OSE servers that are in remote locations from each other and having them set up for 1 to be a fail over in case one fails?

    I'd want both to have the exact same user mail, calendars, contacts etc....

    Or should I search more?

    I've looked at DRBD which is network raid 1 but it doesn't look like you can clone a file system very easily, as Zimbra installs defaulted to '/'

    The thing I'm confused with is, I know I could set a secondary MX record for the other server but how would Zimbra know to transfer the files over there? Or would it not know and thats why you would need to have a 3rd party synchronization tool?

    I'm sure many users would be interested in this as well...
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