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Thread: Installing Zimbra7 in a server with Apache running

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    Default Installing Zimbra7 in a server with Apache running


    I have a machine with many domains running on Apache WebServer, port 80.
    Then, I read in Zimbra install manual that I don't have servers running in ports like 80 (web), 25 (smtp), etc. I didn't find an option in installer to configure another port for Zimbra webmail, and then the install really fail. And I can't stop Apache to install Zimbra at this moment.

    Then, I thought the only solution for this is to install in night hours, to really stop Apache, install Zimbra, change webmail port with "zmprov ms ... zimbraMailPort 8081" command, and then restart Apache, right?

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    Run this command as the zimbra user

    zmtlsctl https
    Then restart the server

    zmcontrol restart
    You should have no problems now as zimbra is bound to https for all of its web logins.

    There's also this -
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