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Thread: pre-installation: Zimbra - Webmin

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    Default pre-installation: Zimbra - Webmin


    I am about to migrate to a new server, and with this I would like to use a different mailing system. I have concidered moving to google with my mail, but we don't want to make the expenses for this.

    Zimbra seems the perfect solution.

    Though I still need some questions answered:
    1. zimbra - Webmin
    As a main server management tool I would like to use webmin (and possibly virtualmin). Do they play nice with Zimbra? Will zimbra be recognised? Will they fight?

    2. Mobile calendar and contacts
    A must is the mobile contacts and calendar sync. Will this be possible with the free edition of Zimbra?

    3. server load
    I'll be hosting:
    - a website (2000 unique visitors per month)
    - mail server (zimbra)
    - openx (advertisement)
    - ossec
    - RMS (media server)
    - webmin
    - and all basic servers
    I've read zimbra might take up a fair amount of resource usage? In the initial stage we will be hosting 35 mail accounts.
    The dedicated server will be a xeon quadcore 2.4Ghz, 4Gb ram, 160GB HDD
    Hourly backups.

    Thanks for your replies

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    First - not going to google is always a good idea

    To your Questions

    Webmin malformes regular linux config to a point of no return and uses its own perl scripts todo things even on cron. not only its insecure its also a good way to kill a linux system
    theres a reason why neither debian or ubuntu support it anymore

    however - it will not work with zimbra
    zimbra dont use much of a linux distribution beside its softwaremanagement, kernel, devices and stuff

    it installs itself into opt among a lot of other opensource components like postfix, amavis,..and so on

    so a zimbra server should always be absolute seperated running single with nothing else on

    of course you can get it run on an existing mailwebserver kombo with an extra ip adress - a lot of knowlege and a lot of pain

    but since you wanna or need use webmin you cant do that

    so best is use kvm make a virtual host and let zimbra run alone on it

    question 2: yes it works with zimbrabackend and zpush
    zpush is an simple php app - should be installed on another server - zimbrabackend is an plugin for zpush (few php files)
    which connects the mobile phones with zimbra foss

    however a bit knowlege and extra ip is needed
    but it runs rock solid and super stable - i even use it now for the network edition because i think it runs better than the built it ))

    Question 3: this is a bit harder one

    first you need to virtualize the server and have at least 2 ipadresses

    then make 2 virtual guests and split zimbra with webhosting

    however that host you described is far not enough
    you should give zimbra a minimum of 4 gig better give it 12 or so

    also I/O load is a thing - i dont know how much the load of your webserver is but this can be a hassle special on dedicaded server

    btw xeon quadcore says nothing about what kinda xeon it is but good chance it should be good (your not that big) but your biggest issues are harddisk and ram

    also not only harddisk speed also space is an issue
    35 user / each with 2gig mails and stuff = 70 alone mailstorage

    about the backup - hourly? lol you not gonna do that
    only way to backup zimbra foss is to shutdown the hole thing

    you can do backups in front to reduce the amount of data needed to be backed up but once a day you have to shutdown and do a "Cold backup"

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