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Thread: Can I use an external mail store?

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    Default Can I use an external mail store?


    I am very interested in deploying Zimbra at my enterprise. Our trusty Postfix/Dovecot setup has been working just fine, but we need the ability to collaborate/share calendars, and we do not want to invest in Exchange when Zimbra looks like it will do what we need.

    Here is the scenario: I want to deploy Zimbra community edition, and I do not want to migrate mail boxes away from my current Postfix/Dovecot server. Is it possible to use Zimbra CS while keeping my existing mailboxes on the existing server and still use shared calendars, etc.

    Also, can I use Outlook as my client, and share calendars, without needing an Outlook connector? I want everyone to see everybody's calendars, etc.


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    You have to share your calendars in Zimbra client. When you sync with funambol you see the shared calendars in outlook. But I think the whole share thing, isn't possible without outlook connector. We have a zimbra server (Open source edition) and configured a Funambol server. So now we can sync all calendars (also shared calendars), contacts,... to outlook

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