I'm a member on some 'secure' mailing lists where I get an alias that I have to send from.

For example: I have my real address, me@me.com, I'm then given a forwarder on alias@list.com which forwards mail to me@me.com. To send TO the lists on alias@list.com I need to send FROM alias@list.com.

Basically what I'm asking is is there any way to add a 'from' address for a domain that's NOT added to my Zimbra server? Obviously if I add list.com as a domain just to be able to add alias@list.com as an identity it will recieve emails fine but bounce outbound emails as postfix will try and locally route it.

I'm assuming virtual hosting won't do what I want either, I've tried manually putting in (out of desperation ) "me " as my 'from' name which obviously didn't work as it'll be escaped

Any ideas? Am I missing something blatantly obvious? I've had a decent look on bugzilla for features and on the forum with no success.