Hello Guys,

We are new to Zimbra, and use exchange 2007, but we are testing Zimbra 7.1.4GA on ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS.
After following this Forum and read alot of info We now have a Zimbra server working after following the forums and this video tutorial: Zimbra 7.1.4 OSE Ubuntu 10.04 Installation HD Video Tutorial 1 HR. - YouTube

We would like to test if Zimbra mail server can help us having a backup mail server outside from our company (small branch office) when our exchange server is down.

Inside our company we have a exchange edge that sends mail to our exchange server. When exchange server is off all incoming mail is kept in the edge server, but when the edge server (simple server with almost no redundancy) is off we lost some of the incoming mail.

To prevent this we where looking on MX backup services to retain our email, but after some searching we come to Zimbra that can do the MX backup service.

We have some doubts if split domain is the solution we need, since we want Zimbra server to be on standby if the principal MX is not reachable, and then mail be delivered to our Zimbra MX adress but also to allow users to access their email accounts via webmail while our exchange servers are offline.
When our servers are ON again the mail that Zimbra meanwhile received, that mail need to be sincronized to Exchange server, as Zimbra only need to be a outside backup email server.

Is this cenario possible!?

We don't know if what we want to do is possible with Zimbra and exchange but that's why We are asking for your help.

PS: We only have one domain, company.com