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Thread: Ubuntu 64bit install?

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    Default Ubuntu 64bit install?

    Hi all,

    I'm interested in Zimbra OpenSource edition. It looks very nice and the AJAX interface is beautifull and works nice on the hosted demo page!

    The problem is that Zimbra don't have a Ubuntu 64 bit package (i'm running this distro).
    So i'm forced to use something else like Hula but that is not as neat as this collaboration package, and on top of all Hula is a BETA project.

    I'm searching for a good solution for this problem, it's already difficult to install Zimbra on a standard Ubuntu 32bit version, but nobody talks about Ubuntu 64bit so that is almost impossible then?

    So my question: can ANYBODY help me with this problem, or someone who has successfully installed Zimbra onto Ubuntu 64bit version.

    Kind regards.

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    I am indeed in the same situation, but on 64bit Gentoo. I have decided that I will run the x86 version on Ubuntu 6.10 for the time being until such time a 64bit version is released.

    This may be of help :-

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    Thanks for your answer.

    I have already read that thread. But your solution isn't possible for me, or let I say almost impossible because my server is hosted at a place far away.

    Best regards.

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