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Thread: Undefined subroutine 'main'

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    Default [Solved] Undefined subroutine 'main'

    I have a new installation of 7.1.4_GA_2555.RHEL6_64_20120105094634 which is almost ready to go live. But, this weekend cron started sending me:

    PHP Code:
    Undefined subroutine &main::logError called at /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdailyreport line 238, <CONFline 540. 
    Since I have not edited this script I am at a loss to explain this. Anyone?

    I guess we will not be rolling ZCS out this week...

    Oh and hello forum o/

    ===================== SOLUTION ==================

    1) That script error may still exist, as it is an attempt at error logging. When there is no error, that line is not reached.

    2) The script was failing because it could not email the report. zimbraSmtpHostname was set incorrectly to two different strings, the first was an invalid host name (most likely from install) the second was the correct value (set via the webui perhaps).

    For any struggling with zimbraSmtpHostname and _default_soap_server, this article was useful to me:

    Ajcody's MTA page
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