Hello all,

I am new to Zimbra, and also very rusty with linux but I have been making due going through forums and my old linux books.

I have installed Zimbra 7.1.4 64bit on Centos 6.2 64bit and all of the server components are running. I have been playing around with the VMware Admin console and trying to setup a domain that my company had parked to we can test the server before migrating our normal domain over.

I was able to add our test domain inovapoint.com to the console and created an account. I can send emails out to my personal hotmail account but when I am trying to recieve emails they are being defered. The message I am getting is
Reason: Connect to xactemail.discoverture.com[]:7025 Connection time out
The IP listed above is our production email server so I am not quite sure why this email server is trying to forward emails to it.

Edit: This server is also being hosted on a VPS and they have added the DNS and MX entry for my inovapoint.com domain.
Any help would be much appreciated.