OK, I give up. I've tried every suggestion in every forum I can find related to domain name masquerading and it's just not working in ver 7. I've done this on numerous Zimbra servers since version 5 with no problem at all but none of the suggestions have worked for Zimbra 7.

The server is zimbra.example.com but the domain name needs to appear and have a return address on mail of .example.com. As I said, no problems with this in the past but now nothing seems to work. Here are a few of the commands I've tried:

/zmprov md zimbra.citizensadvice.org.au zimbraMailCatchAllAddress @zimbra.citizensadvice.org.au zimbraMailCatchAllCanonicalAddress @citizensadvice.org.au

zmlocalconfig -e postfix_masquerade_domains="zimbra.citizensadvice.org.au citizensadvice.org.au"

postconf -e masquerade_domains="zimbra.citizensadvice.org.au citizensadvice.org.au"

zimbraMailCatchAllCanonicalAddress @citizensadvice.org.au

I've avoided changing the server name as that just doesn't seem right. The server name IS zimbra.example.com and I'm assuming if I tell Zimbra it example.com it will cause issues.

Every other mail server I've run regardless of Postfix, Sendmail or Zimbra has let me masquerade the domain name.

Do I need to sacrifice a goat or something to get Zimbra 7 to behave?