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Thread: BES multi-domains

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    Default BES multi-domains


    We are using ZCS 7.2 and we also have BES installed for the BB users. We now use 2 domains but it was not the case when the bes was configured the first time.

    We did this command:

    zmprov md zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT zimbraGalSyncInternalSearchBase ROOT

    In Outllook, we can see both domains users but on the BES, i still can't add users of the new domain added. I need this asap so if someone can help, that would be great.

    I didn't received any reply from the support yesterday and i think there's no answers during weekend.


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    Now, i can see both emails in the bes admin console. Didn't do anything.

    Now the problem is that when i add the user with the option to generate en email password for activation, i don't receive the email.

    I also tried to enter a password manually and it still don't activate. (bad password).

    Any ideas ?


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