Well Ive spent all weekend playing with getting this app running and have came up with a few things you may want to add or think about in the documenation.

1. The hosts file should have TWO entries in it. The first line being the obvoius local localhost.localdomain entry and the second line should be mail.myserver.com

2. Im still really stumped as to how this should be setup behind a firewall. I have mine setup behind a firewall and cannot recieve mail because the proper DNS setup point to the external IP. Ive seen a few people setup dummy DNS servers locally to fix this but I have to think this is a real Kludge. I have setup many a mail server and the thought of tricking postfix via DNS just seems wrong to me. Are you guys planning on writing a Install for guys that like to firewall their gear? I would think that would be MOST enterprise guys out there....

3. MySQL. I dont mind the fact that the installer does the installation but what does it set the root password to? Also does changing it affect the software? I would like to add more applications other than Zimbra to this box and wonder how that will work.

4. Web Directories. I havent taken the time to see how its really setup here but again it would be nice If you could specify directoires and Ports during the install. Again I would like to load a single machine with the following apps
a. Zimbra
b. SugarCRM
c. Jooma CMS
d. Possibly Asterisk PBX & AMP

All of these together would make a hell of a bundle.

Just my thoughts.
Mark Vincent