Hello all.

We are thinking about to install Zimbra open souce for internal and external mail in an about 100 users environment but we have some users tha may require another "best" features. It will manage three different domains (three commercial names of the same company).

Can we install this version an after, for example, license 40 users with Standard & Pro licenses (executive staff with blackberries and Outlook)?. I mean... will I can to have 60 free users (some pop and some with imap zimbra desktop, 30 with network license and Outlook connector and another 10 with top license (Blackberry and Outlook Connector).

Will I be capable to design three people to administer these three domains (only new users, erase user, change password... ?

Thanks for all. Best regards from Spain and sorry for my bad English. Is the first time i write so sorry if any error...