We just recently set up a test server to try out Zimbra as a replacement for Exchange and everything is going great except for one problem, it doesn't seem like the AS/AV system is doing anything. I've checked and everything appears to be running fine, but when you go to AS/AV Activity in the Admin Console the graphs show nothing. If I run zmcontrol status it shows everything as running, and there are no error messages.

I've searched all over the forums and haven't found anything similar. I'm sorry for not including a lot of information with this, but I'm not really even sure where to look. If I had a virus I would email it to myself and test the system, but I don't.

Right now we are in a test environment and I'm the only one using it, but we are flowing mail through it. Yesterday I had 140 sent and 142 received messages, so I would think that it would show some activity.

Any help you guys can offer in figuring this out would be awesome. Thanks in advance.