Hi team,

I have set up fresh Zimbra 7.2 server on Ubuntu 10 64 bit. Installation went well without errors. Outbound emails go ok but inbound emails never reach zimbra.

The error I get in the outside email is
The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected. (state 13).

At the same time there is nothing in zimbra.log, I even tried setting up bind9 logs and there were no signals of any connections to the zimbra machine.

What is more strange is that I can open a telnet session from outside word using telnet mydomain.com 25 and compose mail and it is delivered to the system. I am a bit lost at this point.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Here is my hosts file:

$ttl 38400
mydomain.com. IN SOA zcs.mydomain.com. admin.mydomain.com. (
38400 )
mydomain.com. IN NS zcs.mydomain.com.
zcs.mydomain.com. IN A
mydomain.com. IN A
mydomain.com. IN MX 10 zcs.mydomain.com.