I"ve recently put up the Open Source version of Zimbra for testing purposes to see if it might work as a good mailserver/webmail alternative for many of our users. We have several different domains registered, all having their own seperate userbase.

One of the issues that I havn't been able to figure out is regarding how to set the default domain name for the domain. WHen I installed Zimbra it set the default domain to something like server1.mydomain.com. So now whenever I send an email out as my user it shows up in the inbox as awilisch@server1.mydomain.com when it needs to just show up as awilisch@mydomain.com. I've looked through all the settings and havn't found a place to tell it that any user that's created in this domain should have a default domain name of @mydomain.com.

I know I can tell sendmail to strip off the domain and replace it, but I would think a mailserver of this caliber would be able to set this function. Am I just missing it, or once you create the domain is that pretty much it? Seems like a bit of a waste to create a new domain called @mydomain.com when all I need to do is tell it to not add the hostname.

Any help is appreciated. I'm sure it's something I just missed.

Thanks much.
Aric Wilisch