Situation :
i installed Zimbra OSE 7.2.0 SLES 64bit, MTA and LDAP+Mailbox
if i use for sending email, everything running as well
But at zimbra admin console when i click server status, the second server or MTA server is looks like down but it's not down

Anyone can help me ?

at mta, i just install like this

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite appears already to be installed.
It can be upgraded with no effect on existing accounts,
or the current installation can be completely removed prior
to installation for a clean install.

Do you wish to upgrade? [Y] n

Exit now? [Y] n

Select the packages to install

Install zimbra-ldap [Y] n

Install zimbra-logger [Y]

Install zimbra-mta [Y]

Install zimbra-snmp [Y] n

Install zimbra-store [Y] n

Install zimbra-apache [Y] n

Install zimbra-spell [Y] n

Install zimbra-memcached [N]

Install zimbra-proxy [N]
Checking required space for zimbra-core


thanks, sorry for my bad english