I used the Zimbra Desktop on my Windows XP SP3 dutch system for quite a while and I never had a problem. Untill one day (nothing special happened as far as I know) I suddenly got the error: Cannot get access to the Zimbra Desktop server. If the problem persists after reinstallation check logs and visit the Zebra forum (as I translated the error from dutch, the english errormessage might be a bit different).

I rebooted my PC sveral times, restarted Zimbra several times. The error persists.

Than I donwloaded the latest version from the website: zdesktop_7_1_4_ga_b11299_win32.msi

When I open this I get the options repair/uninstall (so my guess would be that I am already running this version, as the top option is grayed out)

You can see the green progress bar start and it goes all the way to the right. And just when you think it is finished it gives the error: A network error occured while attemting to read from the file c:\download\update.msi (the file: zdesktop_7_1_4_ga_b11299_win32.msi is located from and started from c:\download)

I downloaded the zdesktop_7_1_4_ga_b11299_win32.msi again to make sure that there wasn't a fault in downloading the file, but that didn't make any difference.

Can someone tell me what to do?? Am I missing update.msi and how can I get it, or should the zdesktop_7_1_4_ga_b11299_win32.msi create this file which for some reason it doesn't???

Kind regards,

Clemens Linders