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Thread: Network configuration problems in Zimbra VM Appliance

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    Default Network configuration problems in Zimbra VM Appliance

    Hi Folks

    Just started from scratch yesterday with the Zimbra VM Appliance. Unfortunately things did not run smoothly in regard to the network configuration:
    • It starts up with DHCP (does not make much sense for a server).
    • Zimbra configured itself then with a server name looked up for this IP (epc10).
    • Manually changing the network setup in the admin interface took several goes, looks ok to em now

    I then manually added the line
    192.168.x.y FQDN
    to the hosts file.

    Connecting to the rPath appliance on Port 8003 works. But connecting to Zimbra-Admin on Port 7071 does not!

    When I go to "Zimbra Services", I get the following message: at :1308) at
    com.zimbra.common.localconfig.LC.( at
    com.zimbra.common.localconfig.KnownKey.( at
    com.zimbra.common.localconfig.LocalConfig.verify(L at
    com.zimbra.common.localconfig.LocalConfig.( at
    com.zimbra.common.localconfig.LocalConfig.readConf ig( at
    com.zimbra.common.localconfig.LocalConfig.( at
    com.zimbra.common.localconfig.Main.main( 116) Release 4.5.0_BETA1_437.RPL1-1-1 RPL1

    So I guess there is still a problem with the network setup... where does it get the old host name "epc10" from?

    Any ideas and feedback is very welcome!


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    We use DHCP since it's the easiest and most commen way to get an IP in the testing enviorment. You can always change it after the fact. Seems that you make the change after you installed which may have caused a mis-match between the Zimbra install and the ip/hosts config. Did you try running the install again (from a new copy of the VM image) after you decided on your network config?
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    Sometimes things get fixed over night. I succeeded easily today after four tries yesterday. Actually I think I made two mistakes:

    I didn't restart the network device after changing the configuration.
    I am not sure I clicked the orange box "Really save changes" when changing settings. That thing pops up at the upper part of the screen and can easily be overlooked...

    Thanks for the support.


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