I have been trying now for a while (measured in days/weeks) to get a sample of Zimbra installed so we can test it enough to decide for certain that it is the route we want to take. So far I have attempted the trial version, a manual install to VM of CentOS6 or Ubuntu 10.04, a dual-boot to CentOS or Ubuntu, and the turnkey installation. I have had different problems each step of the way. The part we haven't been able to test fully is the admin console.

If we do decide to go this route, we will be running a VM in Solaris. The one option I have gone the farthest with is the turnkey solution. I am able to get the VM to the point that it tells me the IP address(s) to access the server, but when I try to the browser times out for all of the options it gives. I assume that it doesn't come prepackaged with a firewall that gets in the way, and I tried turning the firewall on the machine the VM was running on off. I've looked around to find a solution, but if other people are having this issue, I'm not finding their discussions.

If you have any insight into how to deal with this issue, or know of documentation I need to read, by all means please do share. It would be most appreciated.