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Thread: Clustering Zimbra across two VMware clusters

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    Default Clustering Zimbra across two VMware clusters


    Couple questions as a newbie on Zimbra;

    Understanding for Zimbra to cluster we need RHCS and Zimbra Network edition, are there any guides for version 8 yet; Google doesn't return anything other than versions 4 and 5 by the looks of it.

    What is the latest version of RHCS that supports Zimbra clustering?

    I am looking to build an active - active platform with two separate data centres with individual SAN storage accessed via a private high speed wan link, is this possible; thoughts and ideas please.

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    You should read the ZCS 8.x beta Release Notes (P16), a partial quote:

    Red Hat Cluster Suite is not available with ZCS 8.0 ......


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    In addition to what Bill said, ZCS 8 will only support the VMware clustering options, so you will need to ensure you have your VMware environment set up so that it can fail VM's over between hosts or to a new site.
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    AFAIK, ZCS 8.0 will be able to be use with any "high availability" virtualization solution (as long as the virtualization solution is supported, such as Xen).
    In this case, the HA features will rely on the virtualization solution.

    However, ZCS 8.0 contains a bunch of scripts that are related to vSphere 5.x and allow vSphere to handle the HA the "best way" (with these scripts, vSphere HA is able to detect if services are down "inside" ZCS and relocate/restart ZCS).

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