Since, our testing period for the new Zimbra mail server is at final stage, I'll need some advice how to handle with already working in production OpenLDAP server.

As I went through the documentation I wasn't able to find any solutions regarding the last stage of the tests. We already have a running OpenLDAP server, and starting another LDAP (Zimbra's one) in the same network may spawn some problems, as many of us know. Actually, I don't want to stop the Zimbra's LDAP service, but I with to connect it, with the existing one, and both to synchronize their users - initially, Zimbra's LDAP should gather all users and save them as well. The solution which i found (slave and master LDAP servers) provides information how to connect new Zimbra's LDAP to already running Zimbra LDAP, which is not our case.

So, overall i need advice how to connect the Zimbra's LDAP to this already running OpenLDAP server.
Your help and effort is much appreciated.

Best Regards
Yavor Marinov