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Thread: SMTP + Microsoft Fax

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    Default SMTP + Microsoft Fax

    We have a server running Zimbra sitting in a data center in another city connected to the internet (we are not in a LAN situation with this server). We also have a local Windows 2003 Small Business Server locally that we're connected to via the LAN which has a fax attached to it. Before we migrated to Zimbra, we had SMTP setup on our sendmail server and the fax was configured to send to Like so:

    port: 587
    authentication: Basic clear text using: fax and a password

    I tried changing the server to my zimbra server then creating a distribution list called fax on the domain. In this distribution list I put in the people that need to receive all incoming faxes. I tried using port 25 (since I don't believe Zimbra is listening on port 587 for incoming SMTP). I just need to know how to configure this darn Microsoft Fax to send through SMTP to a distribution list (or if its easier a single user...). I tried using a user login and Anonymous login. Neither seemed to work.


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    Do you actually have a user called on your server with a password that the fax software can authenticate against? If you have there should be no reason why it cant' login. If you are on the same LAN subnet then you shouldn't need authentication anyway.


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    Yes, it appears that the problem is/was related to receiving a non-FQDN hostname from Microsoft Fax. Not sure how, why, or how to fix it. In the meantime, I disabled requiring FQDN hostnames. Ideas on how to fix or what to check?

    It seems that sendmail would do a reverse lookup of your IP address no matter what the HELO header was, but postfix does not. This is probably why sendmail worked and Zimbra doesn't.

    Additionally, we are in a split DNS mode since we had 2 mail domains running for a time. So maybe the internal DNS isn't working correctly? I have no idea about DNS, so I wouldn't know what to check or how to correct it.

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