Can someone translate the following error for me? I am looking for where the timeout is occurring, as in ip and port. Any help would be appreciated.
This error is generated by attempting to connect an imap client, osx mail, to the pop/imap zimbra proxy server. There are three systems involved with this transaction and are relabeled in the error to protect the innocent, or guilty :-)
clientIPaddress = my workstation running osx mail
zimbraproxy = my zimbra proxy server
zimbraserver = my zimbra mailstore server

2012/09/06 14:56:07 [error] 20401#0: *5 recv() failed (110: Connection timed out) while reading response from upstream, client: clientIPaddress, server:, login: "me@domain", upstream: zimbraserver:143 (clientIPaddress:63669-zimbraproxy:993) <=> (zimbraproxy:41359-)