I'm planning to build new VM's to host our zimbra deployment with 8.0, and I'm wondering if anything major has changed regarding the way zimbra uses disk space in 8.0? The documentation suggests that 10GB is plenty for everything but the message store, but that's not been my experience at all in the past. My current disk use looks something like this:

Size Full Free Use
20G 7.6G 13G 39% /opt/zimbra
40G 14G 27G 35% /opt/zimbra/log
10G 2.3G 7.8G 23% /opt/zimbra/logger
10G 5.9G 4.2G 59% /opt/zimbra/redolog
100G 70G 30G 71% /opt/zimbra/index
50G 31G 20G 61% /opt/zimbra/db
1.1T 912G 186G 84% /opt/zimbra/store

I've had to carve /opt/zimbra/log and /opt/zimbra/redolog into their own partitions because they kept overflowing and corrupting the ldap database (redolog still overflows regularly at 10GB). I believe index and db being on separate partitions were previously recommended best practices. Ultimately, I just need to know if disk usage in 8.0 is consistent with 7.x (and good luck to any sucker who puts everything on a single 10GB /opt/zimbra partition!) or if there's been some tweaking to make disk management a bit more sane. I have about 10000 mailboxes if that helps provide insight.