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Thread: Single Node Install error: "Errors Exist in Required Field !!!"

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    Default Single Node Install error: "Errors Exist in Required Field !!!"

    Hi team,

    Today I am attempting to install a Single Node instance of Zimbra on Zimbra Collaboration Appliance 8.0, to kick off my 30 day trial period. unfortunately an odd fault is arising when stepping through the installation process through the web console. I am running this VM instance in Workstation 8.0.3

    - While at the installation type selection screen i select: Single Node, then press [Begin Installation]
    - An installation form style box pops up with the following fields: Host Name, IP Address, Password, Domain, Proxy Server, Proxy Port, Please select Time Zone.
    - I input the required data into each field, insuring no tailing or preceding spaces and or illegal characters.
    - I press [Install Single node] a Message box appears "Errors Exist in Required Field !!!"
    - I press [Okay]
    - Installation form still active, I recheck for entry errors and non found, try again and same error appears "Errors Exist in Required Field !!!"


    - Power cycled appliance
    - tried different names for host name, domain and password. changed time zone.
    - checked for updates, non found.
    - searched forums, no solutions found
    - Tried Firefox and IE browsers

    Anyone able to assist or Is there a workaround to perform a guided installation through the console similar to LAMP installations. or a conf file to edit to then kick of a manual installation through shell console?

    Thanks for your help
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