Hi Folks,

I have a working Zimbra (OCS) server and it is impressive. I have configured Outlook to transact e-mail both POP and IMAP and this all works in all particulars. This leaves Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. Obviously these are readily available through the web interface, and I have not yet tried Zimbra Desktop, but my question is Outlook. Does Outlook have access to Zimbra Contacts, Calendar and Tasks similarly to the way Exchange works or is this only available with the Zimbra Outlook Connector? Do ANY clients (Outlook, Evolution, Kmail, Korganizer, ...) have access to all of Zimbra Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks? This is important because there is an interim period of transition from Exchange to Zimbra and I am counting on Outlook to manage the migration. During this period some users will have been migrated and some will not yet, but they must still be able to have access to the current data.

Thanks for the help,