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Thread: Zimbra and external pop

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    Question Zimbra and external pop

    Hi friends,
    according the link about external pop:
    Ive done all the steps, but I do have problems to send the mails to the simbra-user.

    I have created an user, fe: mardoc with the mail-address: mardoc@zimbra.home.lan

    I guess, the problem is, that I only have a privat address (FQDN) fe: zimbra.home.lan and I only want to use this server for downloading my external pop-accounts central to this server, where I can access and sync my mails with my laptop. Additional I think, the problem is regarding downloading mail with fetchmail and sending this downloaded mails to the same zimbra-server.

    Is there a way, where I can check / trace some log files to find out, where exactly the problem is?
    Is there a "new" way to include fetchmail or something else to use external-pop-accounts with zimbra.

    thanx mardoc

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    There is a feature in 4.5 (which is availabe as RC1 at the moment) that allows you to download mail from an external pop3 account, each user can set it on their own mailbox and it will check the external mailbox. If you want to try that (it does work ) then you can download a copy from the downloads on sourceforge under the developers build. I am assuming were talking about the OSS version here.


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    Thumbs up

    thanx for your feedback.
    great release!!!!b

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