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What i probably can imagine is to set the whole suite on nonstandart ports
and to set them behind the real system so it gets proxied and I do not
loose my setup.

Debian Standart Zimbra Suite
25 Postfix-----------------1000025 zimbra-postfix
80 Apache (mod_proxy)----1000080 zimbra-apache
Yeah, port forwarding can work quite well.. .Although I'm not quite sure what you mean by your diagram above. The MTA almost always has to run on port 25. I shutter to think about changing it (but I guess if you can invent something calls SOAP, anything's possible).

For example, I guess you could run postfix on some odd port, and have your outside IP forward to it. . but that's just cRaZy!

I use port forwarding quite a bit to shield things. But as far as MTA, i'd just say do a straight static port map.

I'm babbling. . .I think I might be tired.