I recently completed my evaluation of ZCS Network Edition on a test box and now want to have a licensed ZCS setup on a new Dell server I purchased for this purpose. For the evaluation, I installed ZCS on an iSCSI volume on a LeftHand Networks SAN. I then mounted that volume ("zimbra") under /opt on the test box. Now I would like to have the Dell server mount this volume instead and proceed from there.

My questions are as follows:

1. If I wanted to avoid reconfiguring, what is the recommended procedure for retaining my current confguration with the new server? Would I install to /opt/zimbra and hope that the existing configuration was picked up? Or is there a subset of files (such as those in /etc/initd) that I would copy over, perhaps?

2. If I have the iSCSI space to dedicate to the entire ZCS install, is there any reason why I wouldn't want to have it set up this way? Suggestions for alternatives are welcome.

Thanks in advance!