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Thread: zimbra services not able to start

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    Default zimbra services not able to start

    Hi, I spend a day to install zimbra open source edition.
    The going thru w/o error, but zncontrol start not seeing any services are up.
    And ~/log directory also empty.
    I'm using RHEL 4. Any pointer tha I need to look ?
    Also I'm using split DNS setup.
    When I login as zimbra user and run zmcontrol start
    it just displayed the hostname, also no zomcotnrol.out create d in /tmp.
    I checked further, it looks ldap not able to start.
    I ran :
    sh -x ldap start
    + /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmconfigure /opt/zimbra/conf/ /opt/zimbra/conf/slapd.conf
    Error: /opt/zimbra/conf/ does not exist
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsuherma View Post
    Error: /opt/zimbra/conf/ does not exist
    If that file is missing then the install didn't go that well. Does it really exist? What did the install logs (it's in /tmp) say? When you say RHEL, I assume its 32bit & RHEL4 and fully updated?


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    Thanks Bill for your repsonse.
    I switched to Fedora 5 and facing same problem.
    file /opt/zimbra/conf/ does not exist.
    The only error I'm getting in install.log are :
    Preparing packages for installation...
    umount2: No such file or directory
    umount: /opt/zimbra/amavisd/tmp: not found
    mv: cannot stat `/opt/zimbra/amavisd': No such file or directory
    chown: cannot access `/opt/zimbra/perdition-1.17': No such file or directory
    chown: cannot access `/opt/zimbra/apache-tomcat-*': No such file or directory
    Preparing packages for installation...
    is umount2 must exists ?
    But it looks to me the not success in generating proper error.
    it's not even executing
    progress ( "Initializing ldap..." ) in
    is it possible my system has already an openldap setup ? how do I check it ?
    once again, thank you ...
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    Default it works

    I have to run -c
    which I did not find it in quickstart install guide.
    the doc said, then will do the rest.

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