I'm new with both zimbra and z-push. I'm somewhat of a newbie with linux, also.
I use Centos 6
I've installed zimbra 8, and it works.
On another machine, I've installed z-push 2 and gotten it to the point where I access it via a browser and it gives me the expected "get not supported" error when I give it a valid zimbra user/password.
when I try to set up the activesync account on my android phone, it tells me that it is not authenticating to the server. It seems that it is hitting the server, though, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

And also for some reason, the debug.txt thing isn't working. It is set to "true" in the config.php file, and the permissions are correct on the debug,txt file, but it doesn't write to it. Maybe it can't find it? Where can I tell z-push where to find the debug.txt file?