Dear all,

I have successfully installed Zimbra 8.0 Opensource Edition on CEentOS 6.3 in my organization. Users are able to send and receive mails within the organization and are able to send e-mails to other domains for example,, etc, but are not able to receive e-mails from other domains for example,, etc. Could you please advise me with a configuration to receive mails from other domains. I have the domain name form and a Sonicwall Firewall. the domain name is configured as dynamic dns in SonicWall

I would also like to add that as of now our e-mails are hosted by our ISP, and the users are using thunderbird configured using our ISP's POP and SMTP settings. Is there any way that I can configure ZCS 8.0 to use our current e-mail hosting settings to send and receive mails to and from other domains. I worked with MDaemon and found that it has MultiPOP option that will fetch mails from E-Mail Hosting Providers for each and every user. I am wondering if Zimbra has any such options.

Thank you in advance

Vimod C. Nair