Hi everybody,

I'm trying to set up Zimbra for my local political association and I'm in a little trouble with DNS. (Well, who doesn't?!? )
The goal is to install Zimbra 8 on a Dell SC1425 with 6 Gb Ram which I own; it's behind an ADSL Modem Router, it has a static IP, no firewall and all the necessaries port correctly forwarded to the server.
Before installing I've followed the SPLIT-DNS tutorial here and used the dnsmasq option as it seemed very easy to me.
Everything goes ok except for a step in the "Verify..." section: even if I edit /etc/resolv.conf by hand with nano writing

search yourdomain.com
after the restart of the dnsmasq daemon, if I try to cat /etc/resolv.conf it says

search it
which is not correct, according to the tutorial.
The cat /etc/hosts command returns the correct values.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks to all the kind replies.